Mystery Chest Items


Treasure Chests, also known simply as Chests, are reoccurring objects, appearing in almost every adventure title. Found in both the Overworld and in Dungeons, each Treasure Chest contains an item that will aid a Hero on their quest. Chests can contain common items, such as small amounts of Rupees or contain rarer, more important items, such as Boss Keys, Heart Containers, and large sums of Rupees. 

♥ In this Chest you will receive either one (1) Mystery Pin or Item
♥ Pins differ in rarity and all pins will be chosen randomly. Any requests for specific designs will not be honored.
♥ The ULTRA RARE item is a Shadow version of our Master Sword BottleOpener
♥ None of these items will be available to purchase on their own, all pins and items (including seconds) will be sold as a Mystery Pack.

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Common (55% chance):
Green Rupee
Blue Rupee
Red Rupee

Uncommon (25% chance):
Gold Rupee
Boss Key

Rare (18% chance):
Heart Container
Master Sword

Ultra Rare (2% chance):
Shadow Master Sword BottleOpener

Since you're knowingly purchasing a mystery pin, no returns will be accepted or refunds issued if you're unhappy with the design you received. You are also acknowledging that you may receive duplicates if you purchase more than one.